Food is one of our basic needs.We cannot live without food.The optimal growth of children and adolescents should be carefully considered when consuming food.However, there are many problems among schoolgirls and adolescents with eating disorders.Issues among school children and adolescents with regard to food consumption.

Eating ProblemsResults
Not eating properlyLow weight conditions,development depression and anemia
Eating too much
(Foods rich in sugar-salt are short and processed foods)
Overweight and obesity
(Diabetics,heart disease,chronic kidney disease)
Not eating the right amount of vegetables and fruitsVitamin A deficiency impairment of body immunity poor constipation , impaired vision
Skip main mealsNutritional myocardial infarction

These adverse effects can be avoided by consuming food, so we must focus on what foods we eat and how we eat them.What is food consumption?Eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities in accordance with healthy eating habits.For this you need to know the following.

  1. What foods to eat? That there should be a variety of foods.
  2. How much to eat? Should be matched with age and weight.
  3. How to Eat ? That healthy eating habits should be followed.
  4. Foods not to be eaten? Healthy foods should be minimized.
  • Consume healthy foods,
    • It is very important for our proper mental and physical development.
    • It prevents non-communicable diseases in adulthood.
    • Let’s find a practical way to consume healthy food.Planning your meal plan makes it easy to get a variety of foods.

Planning a meal

We eat three main meals a day and breakfast, and we should not skip those meals.Think about it when the dishwasher is properly set up at home How should the dish be made for a main meal?How to have food for a main meal,

  • A. Half of the cereal and potato dish.
  • B. Two-thirds of the vegetables and the remaining half of the plate.
  • C. Fish nuts are one-third of the egg and meatballs.
  • D. Fat or oily nuts and seeds in small quantities.

Fruits and dairy foods should be taken with main meal or as a dessert or as an additional meal. Fruits are an essential part of our daily diet. How to choose a variety of foods?

It is more important to select foods from each category than to consume one or more of the above two groups. Each food category has a wide variety of foods to choose from. If you know a variety of food items, you can easily choose a variety of foods for your meal.

A. Cereals and potatoes,

  • Kurakkan, corn, wheat.
  • Rice flour, kurakkan and wheat flour.
  • Food containing starch.
  • It is important to mitigate as much as possible because of the health habits of white wheat flour.

B. Vegetables and vegetables,

  • Vitamin minerals in vegetables are rich in antioxidants and fiber. This antioxidant and fiber rich vegetable protects us from diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • There are hundreds of varieties of vegetables in the world to choose from. Try as much as possible to choose from the most abundant vegetables in your area.
  • Here are the steps to get the best out of vegetables.
    • Choose fresh and plentiful vegetables.
    • Wash before cutting food.
    • Make time between cutting and cooking food.
    • Minimize cooking time.

C. Fish eggs are the core of meat and bone and Fat and oil.

  • Animal products such as fish and egg meat are rich in quality proteins. Fat and fatty foods are essential for proper growth and functioning of the body. However, consuming more than this will increase the risk of non-communicable diseases.
  • Coconut Coconut Milk This fat contains coconut oil and other oils used for cooking.
  • Because of its high thermal stability, we have been used to using coconut oil for binding. The use of farm oils and other vegetable oils for deep frying is very harmful.
  • Oily nuts and seeds contain a variety of harmful fats, fiber, vitamins, and other minerals. Unsaturated Fat Bakery Products Deep-fried foods such as biscuits and some margarine can increase body fat and are unhealthy.

D. Fruits

  • Daily fruit consumption is a must for a healthy life. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals and fiber.
  • Two or more fruits are recommended per person. Regular fruit consumption prevents dental caries and cancer.
  • The local fresh fruits that are common in each season are higher than the imported fruits and are healthier.
  • Imported fruits are unsuitable for use as there are many chemicals used to preserve them.
  • Washing the fruit before harvesting can help preserve its nutrients. Examples include banana papaya, nelly, pineapple, orange avocado, peeled and tamarind.

E. Adverse food consumption

  • Considering Food Consumption and a Balanced Diet Plan, let’s look at what constitutes unhealthy food consumption.
  • This includes consuming foods that are high in sugar and fatty foods and chemicals.
  • Also, not eating a balanced diet is associated with harmful diets.
  • Poisoning of food crops is polluting the entire ecosystem, including water.
  • These disorders are responsible for many disorders, including the four disgusting chemicals in the body, including kidney failure and neurological disorders. When you buy food, ask if they are poisonous foods, and avoid using them only.

Tips for Consuming Healthy Foods

  • We eat three main meals and refrain from skipping those meals.
  • We happily eat a variety of nutritious foods from all categories.
  • We love our natural foods and don’t eat processed and manufactured foods.
  • We should avoid high-salt foods and reduce the consumption of sugary soft drinks.
  • We manage our TV and computer to avoid eating and we eat with respect to the foods we eat that keep us healthy and healthy.

  • Get two or three healthy short meals one by one during two main meals
  • We choose food that is not poisonous.
  • Be sure to eat at least three vegetables and at least two fruits each day.
  • In our meals, use only a small quantity of this content and use only coconut oil for cooking.
  • Eating slowly, without worrying about our eating habits, is healthy.
  • We live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.

Start working from this moment on, using the information provided above to work towards a healthier life. Share this message with your friends as much as possible and you will see that your friends are living a healthy life.